Cabinet dryer Type "Hohenheim":

Our medium series for farms and small and medium-sized industry:

Produce valuable dried products on your own farm, process oversized and undersized produce, B-goods, surplus produce, harvest tips yourself and utilise them economically through drying. Apple rings, mushrooms, dried tomatoes, onion rings, kitchen herbs, dried soup vegetables - all year round at direct marketers, at the weekly market, at retailers and as a speciality at the Christmas market enable attractive revenues and independence from the price fluctuations of the fresh market.

Multiple awards - proven worldwide:

The new cabinet dryer developed together with the University of Hohenheim is available in 4 sizes. It combines simple operation with particularly energy-saving operation and, thanks to automatic control, allows reliable drying without supervision - with the highest quality of the material to be dried.

All versions work according to the overflow method developed at the University of Hohenheim. Here, the air is not fed through but evenly over the trays, so that the products cannot rewet each other and drying is fast and particularly gentle. Also, the drying trays no longer have to be continuously restacked in order to achieve uniform drying, but show a uniform drying speed throughout the entire drying chamber, regardless of their position.

Maximum capacity of 80 - 160 kg per day.
Maximum capacity of 160 - 300 kg per day.
Maximum capacity of 320 - 600 kg per day.
Maximum capacity of 520 - 1020 kg per day.

Technical data:

In contrast to the standard models, which have a tray spacing of 100 mm, the tray spacing of the HT d models is 50 mm. By reducing the distance between the trays, correspondingly more tray plates can be inserted into the dryer in the identical housing. The standard models are particularly suitable for drying herbaceous or voluminous products, while the HT d models are suitable for drying products that are cut into thin slices or pieces.

Model Size approx. [m] Spacing [mm] Trays
HT 4 1,40 x 0,75 x 1,90 100 13
HT 4d 1,40 x 0,75 x 1,90 50 25
HT 8 1,40 x 1,25 x 1,90 100 26
HT 8d 1,40 x 1,25 x 1,90 50 50
MHT 8* 1,40 x 1,25 x 1,90 100 26
MHT 8d* 1,40 x 1,25 x 1,90 50 50
HT 15 1,40 x 1,75 x 2,30 100 51
HT 15d 1,40 x 1,75 x 2,30 50 99
HT 25 1,40 x 2,60 x 2,30 100 85
HT 25d 1,40 x 2,60 x 2,30 50 165

*MHT 8: Mobile cabinet dryer as car trailer

A variety of designs are available as tray plates. The number of holes, hole diameter and edge height can be changed according to your requirements. All-round closed tray plates are also available.

Model Drying area Maximum filling quantity [kg] Maximum capacity [kg] (per day)
HT 4 4 40 80
HT 4d 7,7 80 160
HT 8 8 80 160
HT 8d 15,4 150 300
MHT 8* 8 80 160
MHT 8d* 15,4 150 300
HT 15 15,7 160 320
HT 15d 30,5 300 600
HT 25 26,2 260 520
HT 25d 50,8 510 1020

*MHT 8: Mobile cabinet dryer as car trailer

Depending on the size, the cabinet dryer is equipped with an electric heating coil or a gas boiler (incl. heat exchanger) as standard. Cabinet dryers with heat exchangers can be connected to a gas, oil or wood chip heating system without any problems. The waste heat from a combined heat and power unit (CHP) and solar energy can also be used to heat the air.